8 Cute Ways Yorkies Show Affection

They will read your body language and know if you want more kisses or don’t feel the love quite the way they do at that moment.

Don’t allow the habit to continue if you don’t like the face kisses but just know that it’s just one of the ways they like to show affection. Maybe you could just give in to arm and hand kisses instead.

#2 Leaning on You

This one is quick to sum up! Since they are so small, their little legs get tired easily. Yorkies love to be carried around and may lean against you while you snuggle them close.

This is just a sign that they trust you enough to lean on you and feel protected in your presence. If they can rest easy or fall asleep while you’re carrying them, they really have faith in you entirely.

#3 Bringing Their Toys to You

As opposed to cats that may bring you a dead mouse as a “thank you”, Yorkies will often greet you with a toy in their mouth.

Your pup may be telling you that they trust you with their toys and they are willing to share.

If you weren’t so much fun and made playtime boring or took their toys away, they probably wouldn’t engage you with their play toys as much.

By bringing it over to you, your Yorkie is communicating that they like to spend time with you and are ready for you to throw the ball now!

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