8 Cute Ways Yorkies Show Affection

#4 Gazing at You

Animals use their eyes to communicate all kinds of things. People say that when a dog looks into the eyes of another, it’s a sign of aggression and they are trying to show dominance.

Some also say that for training purposes you should look into your dog’s eyes and not look away before they do in order to assert your own dominance.

Nonetheless, there’s something else going on inside your Yorky’s brain when you look into their eyes.

Oxytocin is a hormone associated with social bonding. It is often referred to as the “love hormone”.

A study was carried out looking at the relationship between oxytocin levels and eye contact between dogs and their owners.

The study found that gazing into your dog’s eyes actually raises oxytocin levels for both you and your dog.

Not only this but dogs with higher levels of oxytocin gaze into the eyes of their owners more, which in turn raises oxytocin levels for the owner, creating a kind of positive feedback loop.

Strangely enough, this effect is actually fairly unique to dogs and humans. Even wolves that have been raised by people rarely make eye contact with their owners and an increase in oxytocin level was not observed in the study.

One trait which is common in Yorkies is that they tend to stare at their owners. Like, a lot! So maybe take some time to share the love with your Yorkie today!

Animal Pro Tip: Do not try this with cats because they actually function in the opposite way. A long stare may be mistaken as a challenge or territory threat. This is why when cats blink at you with the soft sleepy eyes and turn away, it means they don’t feel threatened by you nor do they want to threaten you.

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