8 Cute Ways Yorkies Show Affection

Fun Facts You May Not Know about Yorkies

Now that you understand more about their love languages and style of affection, let’s cover some fun facts about your little Yorkie that you may not have known!

  1. These pups were bred to catch rats and vermin in underground tunnels and mines. If you pull out a mouse toy on a string (usually intended for cats), you’ll see some of those instincts still alive in your Yorkie. You can even enter them into the non-competitive AKC Earthdog Test, which the Yorkie breed is eligible for. The test is used to help you determine how good of a hunter your pup really is!
  2. The original book by L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, depicts Toto as a Yorkie. This isn’t anything more than an assumption but quite a likely one being that the illustrator of the novel’s cover art, W.W. Denslow, actually owned a Yorkie himself.
  3. Yorkie’s are tomboy-spirits! This may not be obvious because of their purse-sized, doll-like cuteness, but these little buds of energy are nicknamed, ‘the tomboy toy.’ They love to play, using their agility, and moving those little legs! Give them an obstacle course or something a little gritty, and they probably won’t snoot their noses at it. Who knows, maybe this is why they tend to bond deeply with men, despite their reputation of being a ‘girl’s dog.’
  4. Yorkie hair is actually very similar to human hair! Like the poodle, they actually have hair as opposed to fur. Being that it’s closer to our strands, it is recommended to brush them often to avoid tangles and knots.
  5. During WWII, there was a Yorkie named Smoky that actually saved soldiers’ lives by getting a communications cable through a very tiny drainage pipe. Saving the day and saving lives, Smoky is considered the first true therapy dog as she would visit war hospitals to cheer up wounded soldiers. You can actually see memorials honoring Smoky. There are six in the U.S. alone, including the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog in New York.

Tips on Caring for a Yorkie

Some general tips for the breed to keep in mind as a Yorkie parent are:

  • Yorkies can be a bit snappy towards young children that handle them roughly. Yorkies are normally very peaceful though, so if they are not being mishandled, they shouldn’t nip. They can get along quite well with other dogs and cats, so cohabitating with other animals shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Since they are so tiny, if you live in a cold climate, this breed will probably need some kind of Winter-wear! Not only is this unbearably adorable, but it will save them from shivers and chills.
  • Keep in mind that Yorkies were not bred for lounging; they were bred to work. Just like hunting dogs or herding dogs, certain breeds truly live to have a purpose. Like humans, they need to be stimulated mentally and physically. Getting them outside for walks, giving them toys and games to challenge them, or any task that can give them a goal is very useful for this breed.

You need to be sure your Yorkie is getting everything they need for a full and happy life. This includes:

  • Bonding time with you
  • Affection
  • Exercise
  • An established routine
  • A stable environment
  • Mental stimulation

Parting Wisdom

The author, Ben Williams, said, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” Puppies are a form of therapy and dogs are proven to make us happier.

Appreciate your little Yorkie for all that they are and offer them the affection they deserve! they’ll give it right back to you tenfold.


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