9 Ways Your Dachshund is Secreatly Communicating With You

6. Paw Signal

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A dog does not know what a handshake is. So when it raises its paw and looks like it wants something, think about what it could need. Is it hungry or thirsty? Does it want something it can’t reach? Your dog wants to tell you, and you should listen.

7. Tail Up High

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Dogs stick their tails up when they want to assert authority. Whenever dogs feel like they should protect or attack something, they raise their tails up straight. If your dog does that with you, it is probably confused about who should take charge. Calm your dog down and keep it under control.

8. Licking Its Face

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Dogs do this when they feel under pressure, are nervous or stressed. They do it in the blink of an eye so you could miss it. If your dog licks its face, it could also mean it is preparing itself to do something. It is a little uncomfortable but coping with it.

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