Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance or business property insurance, protects a firm from various kinds of accidents and losses that may otherwise render a potentially disastrous financial blow to an enterprise. Commercial insurance covers only employers and employees. The insurance policies are designed to ensure that the firm is adequately compensated in case it has to cope with huge unexpected losses.

In order to get a small business insurance quote, an individual first needs to decide what kind of insurance coverage he or she requires. There are two different types of insurance policies available: employer-based coverage and employee-based coverage. Employer-based coverage is designed to cater to the needs of large companies with many employees. The insurance coverage is tailored to suit the requirements of these large employers. Small businesses have their own insurance needs which have to be fulfilled according to state laws.

There are two general liability insurance policies that a commercial insurance policy covers. General liability insurance is designed to provide protection against claims made by customers, employees, tenants and others who fall victim to the business’s products or services. General liability insurance is the most common policy among small businesses. It covers damage or theft caused by the property of customers, including business equipments. General liability insurance coverage may also include property damage resulting from fire, explosions, slips and falls, vandalism, and vehicle damage.

Another type of commercial insurance policy is property damage liability insurance. Property damage liability protects against claims made when a person suffers damage to or damages to his or her property. Examples of property damage that may be covered under this policy are broken windows, damages due to fire, smoke, windstorm, and theft. It also covers legal fees when a tenant or employee files a claim against the business. This protects the business owner from possible legal issues arising from legal negligence or faulty products and services.

Commercial insurance on the other hand provides protection for things like new york auto insurance or New York lien insurance. New York auto insurance provides protection for clients who insure their vehicles in the city of New York. This includes vehicles that are leased in the area. Auto insurance provides protection for clients that insure their autos in New York and those who use them in other states, even outside the state of New York.

Liability insurance policies protect the client from losses caused by another person or entity. In the event that the insured party causes damage to an individual’s car or other vehicle, liability insurance may provide financial reimbursement. The damages may include medical and repair bills as well as replacement costs of the vehicle. Personal injury protection may also be included in liability insurance policies.

Different types of insurance may need to be purchased for different purposes. General liability insurance protects clients from lawsuits and protects the client against expenses that exceed the amount stated within the policy. Specific risks are contained in this type of insurance policy. For example, if a person driving a car that is 25 feet long damages a car that is eight feet long, a person will need to purchase motor vehicle insurance that protects against accidents involving very tall vehicles.

Specific risk coverage protects business operations from claims made against the business owner, his employees or the business itself. A slip and fall incident can occur at any time, causing someone to trip or fall. If this person is injured because of the carelessness of another person, liability coverage protects the owner and his employees in the event that they are sued. Some examples of types of lawsuits that may be covered under the right type of insurance are doctor visits, prescriptions or auto accidents. Specific risk coverage protects business owners from being sued for any harm that is sustained from negligence, accident or illness.