The 7 Best Things About A Yorkie

6. They are silly

Now for our next trick...

This has already been briefly mentioned but Yorkie are some of the silliest creatures in existence. Their eyes have so much emotion in them and when their tongue slips out of the mouth it creates a silly image to capture. The best part is when their tail, or stub, depending on the breed gets going you can tell how happy the pup truly is.

7. They love you

The best thing about Yorkie however is the fact that no matter what, at the end of the day Yorkie will always love you. They are there to cheer you up, to make you laugh, to be your workout buddy, or give you kisses whenever to show that they care. While they may be little in size they are not in personality and love.

Overall, Yorkie are pretty amazing little creatures. They may be little but they will not act like any other little dog I have met. They believe that they are big dogs and show that same heart. There are many things that make Yorkie special, some more than others, but there is no denying the amazingness that makes up a Yorkie!

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