What does bodily injury auto insurance cover? Bodily injury refers to damage or injury to the body. So, in essence, bodily injury insurance covers any injuries you may sustain in an automobile accident. The area that most policies cover for bodily injury is the “culprits” or areas of the car. If you are at fault in an accident, your insurer will pay for any medical expenses and pain you suffer as a result of being injured. However, bodily injury coverage is not always provided by every policy.

The state laws regarding what does bodily injury car insurance cover vary widely. The coverage offered on your policy will be limited by the terms of your policy. For instance, if you have a no-fault policy, your insurer will likely pay for your medical bills resulting from an automobile accident, but they will not cover other items, such as funeral expenses. If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, your insurer will pay for repairs to your car, as well as any medical expenses resulting from injuries you sustain in an accident. Therefore, it is important to carefully review your car insurance policy to determine what types of incidents your policy will cover.

What does bodily injury cover? Generally speaking, this coverage protects against a variety of things, including death or serious bodily injury (which can also result in dismemberment). This type of coverage can also cover you if you are convicted of driving under the influence. Other types of incidents that are covered under this category of insurance include vandalism, malicious mischief, acts of terrorism, driving while intoxicated, and other criminal charges.

How is this information used, then? Your insurer will use what does bodily injury auto insurance cover information in a variety of ways, including determining the amount of your policy. For instance, if you are at fault in a wreck, your insurance company may use your age, for example, to determine how much you should pay for your premiums. Factors like your driving record, your age, your place of residence, and your marital status can also be taken into account. Basically, your insurance company will use all of the facts of your life to figure out how much you’re worth, and will adjust your premiums accordingly.

How do you make sure that what does bodily injury auto insurance cover actually applies to you? One way is to ask your agent if your bodily injury coverage includes prescription costs, for example. If it does, it’s a good idea to take that into account when discussing your policy. In addition, you need to make sure that your coverage actually covers you in the event of a settlement, since it’s possible to have coverage that doesn’t transfer to another party in the event of an accident. A settlement payment may be a great way to get a lot of coverage for a low price, but if you wind up owing more money after an accident because your insurer tried to cancel your policy, you’ll end up with more problems than you started out with.

The most important thing to know about what does bodily injury auto insurance cover, however, is that it covers any accident for which you’re held legally responsible. This means that if you’re at fault in a wreck and are sued as a result of that accident, your insurance company will cover your legal expenses. (This excludes costs for attorneys if you’ve been sued by someone who was injured or killed in the accident.) Additionally, your coverage will also make payments to any medical expenses that result from injuries suffered in the wreck, such as hospital bills, pain and suffering bills, and other bills.

So what does bodily injury auto insurance not cover, exactly? For instance, it won’t cover you in the event of a fire that completely burns your vehicle, a malfunction in a vehicle that causes an accident, theft, vandalism, or interruption of your working order that is caused by an act of nature. If something causes your car to go wrong and it stops, you’ll need to get repairs yourself or hire a mechanic to come and fix the problem, which may include getting a tow truck if necessary.

As you can see, the coverage provided by what does bodily injury auto insurance cover depends on a number of different factors. Some of these factors are divided up between physical damage and liability, and some are broken down between vehicle damage and medical bills. Your best bet is to talk to a qualified car insurance agent to discuss the details of your particular situation. They’ll be able to give you an idea of exactly what your coverage has to offer you, and what you have to do in the event of an accident.